New 2013 HADLOW Freestyle Board MK2

 Many of you waiting on them, and the first pictures have been leaked on Presenting the HADLOW Freestyle board MK2!!! 

The first HADLOW boards sold out like hot cakes and are hard to come by even second hand for obvious reason, they are an amazing board that suits such a wide variety of real world conditions and also suit real world kitesurfers all the way up to a world champion!
No 'BS' this board needs to hype, its ride speaks for itself!

Demos available form us at LSD Kiteboarding so come and grab a taste of what this sweet board has to offer!

In Stock now in 138cm x 40.5cm and 134cm x 39.5cm
Check out our shop page  for more info and contact if you have any questions, to book a demo, or to order.